Supporting Us & Supporting You


We would be happy to consider making a donation to your nonprofit

We prefer our donations remain separate and unrelated to your desire to rent our space and procure our services.

If you’d like us to consider making a donation, we ask that you send along as much information as you can on how your efforts align with our mission—and specifically the impact that our donation will have. We also encourage you to attend one of our public events or visit our space so that we can get to know you.

Why do you prefer a donation vs. donated services?

Our pricing ensures that our doors stay open to serve and our staff are able to make a living wage—something we take great pride in.

Our fellowship program is also home to an extraordinary breadth of artists, activists, and makers whom we already provide space to in order to develop their work, build nonprofits, and create change. If you, your team, or you business would like to apply to be a year-long fellow at Town Stages, we strongly encourage it. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Our mission is to empower the disenfranchised and make space more equitable and accessible for all. Empowerment begins with valuing the skills and services we provide. We hope you value the work that we’re doing as much as we value yours.

For donations outside of our Fellowship program, please fill out the below application.

We take these applications seriously and ask that you be as thorough as possible. We are more than a space. Because we never ask our employees to donate their time, a donation of our space and services means donating the wages of everyone assisting your event from point of first contact to completion.

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Please be as direct and specific as possible.