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Sokoloff Arts is proudly presents TOWN STAGES: A New Cultural Arts Space

TOWN STAGES is a state-of-the-art theatrical venue located in Midtown West, at the creative epicenter of Manhattan. Offering two customizable stages and an elegant event space, we support the entire lifecycle of New York’s hallmark industries. From civic to corporate, and tech to theatre, TOWN STAGES will feature our beloved city's best and brightest innovators at the intersection of cosmopolitan life. 


How can we build your legacy?

How can we honor your loved one?

How can we create partnership opportunities for your brand?

What part will you play at town?

Sokoloff Arts is looking for partners who can name our...


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Come Hear The Music Play.

The feel of a speakeasy with all the bells and whistles of 2017 event technology.

Beer & Wine Permit, Open To The Public On Select Dates. 

A storefront home to contemporary painters and fashion designers by day, playwrights and singer/songwriters by night.

1000 SQFT

Capacity 60



All The World's A Stage.

A one-of-a-kind facility that operates outside the seasonal theater model, boasting flexible staging, multiple seating layouts, eco-friendly intelligent lighting, projectors and sound design.

Rehearse all day, perform all night.  

Private Greenroom.

3,500 SQFT

Capacity 150


Event Space

Be The Bell of The Ball.

A grand ballroom featuring 16ft ceilings, cast iron columns, lounge seating, and entertainment technology that'll rival any Apple Store.

Divisible & ADA accessible. 

Tech Conference by day, Gala by night.  

6,000 SQFT

Capacity 229 (Public Assembly). 399 Upon Req.


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